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Via Dolorosa
The Way of the Cross
Cement/acrylic glaze on lime
Marian Hall Chapel, St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, NY

Via Dolorosa is a contemporary version of an ancient Christian devotion commonly called the Stations of the Cross.  Via Dolorosa can be approached on various levels: 
Historical: the Roman Empire used crucifixion as a form of punishment/execution.
Religious: it tells the story of the passion and death of Jesus
Personal:  we experience trials, defeats, resurrections.  We support each other on life's journey.  We fall, we get up, and we go on - always moving toward our own resurrections.

Via Dolorosa uses line, form and color in a time sequence that starts with the Agony of Jesus in the Garden and ends with the Resurrection.  The medium used is an ancient one - cement and fresco. The process began with full-size drawings.  Each part was cut from Styrofoam and reinforced with fiberglass.  Two layers of cement followed.  Lime was then applied to areas that would receive color.