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The two HEALING WINDOWS were designed for a convent chapel that was built and dedicated in 2001.  The Sisters say in a Chapel Vision Statement that their new worship space "...should reflect our growing ecological understanding which urges us to remember earth's beauty, power and mystery as integral to our spiritual life." The two Healing Windows incorporate this vision in their design and are related to each other conceptually and visually.

The entire design of the two HEALING WINDOWS incorporates sun, water and earth as symbols of the healing power, beauty and majesty of God.

The focal point of the Infirmary window is a brilliant sun-like circle of hand blown glass. It speaks of God, the center of all creation.  From this center flows water that "will spring up to provide eternal life" (John 4:14).  Attached to the circle is a handcrafter box of clear antique glass holding a cruet of oil used for anointing the sick and dying. This design feature was influenced by the window's location on the chapel's balcony level which is directly connected to the convent infirmary. Overall colors change from darker to lighter tones as the window bleeds into the clerestory.
The Reconciliation Room window is situated directly below the Infirmary window described above.  Here the cleansing and life-giving qualities of water are used to conceptualize reconciliation.  The movement and variations of the blues and ambers express the power of water/reconciliation to permeate the many facets and recesses of our lives. Because this window faces the main entry area of the convent, deeper tones of glass were used for screening and privacy.